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Bonesplitterz Savage Orruks

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Bonesplitterz Savage Orruks This multi-part plastic boxed set assembles to make either 20 Savage Orruks armed with chompas or stikkas & bone shields; or 20 Savage Orruk Morboys with chompas & toof shivs; or 20 Savage Orruk Arrowboys with Stinga Bows. Also included are components to upgrade models to a boss, bone totem and skull thumpa' along with 20 32mm round bases. This is the Age of Sigmar, a time when heroes, gods, monsters and daemons fight a desperate battle for the fate of the Mortal Realms. This is a time of epic tales, where mighty armies clash across the storm-wracked battlefields of an endless war.