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Reward Points

As a member, you automatically earn 5% back in Reward Points for every dollar you spend, on Reward Points can be redeemed for $5 or $10 off discount codes.
What can I do with my Reward Points?
You can use your Reward Points to get $5 or $10 off discount codes, which can be used to reduce your order amount in the checkout. To redeem your Reward Points, do the following:

  1. Login and click the 'Join our Army' link in the bottom left of any page.
  2. In the Join Our Army window that shows, choose the reward you want ($5 or $10). If you don't have enough points see the 'How do I earn Reward Points?' section below.
  3. After you select a Reward, a discount code will be displayed - select and copy this
  4. When you are in the checkout, paste the discount code into the discount field, and click Apply
How do I earn Reward Points?
1. Make a purchase:
For every purchase you make, you will recieve around 5% of of the value back in Reward Points. Note: some Reward Points values may not be exactly 5% based on your currency and whether you are viewing member or retail prices. 

2.Refer a Friend:
Using our Refer a Friend tool, you will earn 500 Reward points ($5!) for each friend you refer who spends $10 or more.

3.Celebrate your birthday!
If it's your birthday, we have a present for you! All members will recieve 500 Reward points ($5) on their birthday! Note: Our system is clever enough to know if you have multiple birthdays within a year, no matter if you use seperate accounts - We would hate to ban you for the sake of a few bucks, just sayin' ;)
When can I use my Reward Points?
Reward Points you earn will be availble to use after a grace period of 5 days. Why 5 days? Unfortunately some people like to abuse the system, so as a result we've had to implement the grace period rule.
My Reward Points show as 'Pending' - What does this mean?
This simply means your Reward Points are within the 5 day grace period (as mentioned above). 5 days after earning your points, they will come available for you to use.
Do my Reward Points Expire?
Nope! Your Reward Points are yours for life, or until the world ends.
Where do I find my Reward Points?
You can find everything about your Reward Points here, or clicking the 'Join Our Army' tab in the bottom left of every page.